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The highest standards in meat and more.

Within New Zealand, we import and distribute high quality meat and seafood, with a focus on long-term relationships, negotiating win-win deals, and going the extra mile to meet your needs.

We source and select the finest beef, lamb, pork, chicken, venison, veal, goat and seafood from New Zealand, Australia, South America and the world. These include branded beef grades like Wagyu, Angus, and grass fed, to the most exacting standards of freshness, tenderness and flavour.

As a respected trading partner, we connect leading supply chain partners with their ideal customers in global markets, who choose Farmlands Mathias for quality of service, response time, delivery speed, variety, and ease of purchase.

Longer term supply contracts mean surety of price, as well as quality. For your assurance of cost and reliability of supply, we offer long term supply contracts. Our team recently secured a contract for a well known New Zealand manufacturer that meant they could count on a reliable supply and fixed costs over an extended period.

Partnering with Hall’s Transport, we offer an integrated logistics service across road, rail and sea. Combined with a purpose built Distribution Centre, this ensures your product reaches you where and when you need it, in the condition you demand.

Awards and Certification

Farmlands Mathis International is the only trading company in New Zealand to earn the Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) standard. We are also holders of Advantage Approved Supplier Programme certification.